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Traditional Karate in Israel

Welcome to the Traditional Karate Federation of Israel. The organization is affiliated with the
Sensei Funakoshi
International Traditional Karate Federation (ITKF), a global network of traditional karate teachers and practitioners of Shotokan Karate.

Sensie Hidetaka Nishiyama is the founder and Chairman of the ITKF. The foundation of Shotokan Karate was laid down by Sensei Funakoshi

The Traditional Karate Federation of Israel sets the standards for affiliate dojos, organizes seminars and tournaments in Israel, and sends teams to compete in international tournaments.

The organization is a registered non-profit organization in Israel and managed by a board of directors elected by the teacher/members.

Seminar in Israel with Avi Rokah Sensie.

Video by Robert

The TKFI supports and promotes the five principals of traditional karate.

1. Seek perfection of character
2. Be sincere
3. Endeavor
4. Observe proper etiquette
5. Refrain from violent behaviour